This is the dark deep trench where you and maybe I can keep up with what I’m saying and/or said. And, if I did and/or am doing it bad, do let me know: outeasy@gmail.com

5/1 AE=442,937/OE=484,976  – TY Technorati.

5/1 Anemi has improved the World’s Lexicon by defining NAP, or nap. See The Urban Dictionary. I’m impressed (by someone who carries a Dict/Thes) 😉 wtg!, and your Home Page is WAY FUNNY!

4/30 OK, enuff Bro – TOP BLOG! (forgettaboutit, ur not gettin’ paid!) 😉

4/29 Another Kudos Bro; “Fastest Growing Blog” at WordPress. (I’m jealous – really!)

4/28 WAYTOGO Anemi, Top Post at WordPress ~ ‘Choke Your Chicken.’

4/19 Anemi got so many questions on who’s a real Anhalt and who’s not, he did a page > ANHALT . You won’t find Frederic the Fake, Gah Zsa, Minny, Manny or Mo. They just are not related. End of their story, but fun to read!

4/18 OE is 582,721 and AE is 658,135. Wow. 4/23 OE 475,736.

4/17 Technorati is now tracking 71,000,000 blogs w0W! That’s like, 1/4 the US population. Anyhow, OE is #652,540 and AR is #747,993. Thanks, Technorati!

4/15 GAWD~I gotta do Taxes! Anemi’s been buzy with new art all over the place. Looks great Bro!

4/14 Lotsa changes to both sites. WHEW. Had to do static home/start pages. Things were gettin’ outta hand with loading, etc. Hope U like.

4/8 Anemi’s “movie,” “We Are Aliens” got picked up by “The Spoof.” :-0 Congrats! Our bud over at www.ishowardksternamurder.com folded tent. 😦 His enormously popular web site will be sorely missed. Hated to take him off the “You’re The Best,” but, I’ll bet he comes back soon, hope so! Rumor is Howard’s thugs led by attorney Lin Wood, got to him.

4/7 Trying a new look today. Hmm.

4/6 Hey! We made Fastest Growing List over at WordPress! Thank you verily!

4/5 Emma’s got a live one. I’ll help, Emma.

4/4 Anemi got a “Top Posts” for DNA FINDINGS from WordPress. It was funny, bro.

4/1 We made “Blog of the Minute” over at WordPress. 15 minutes is way too much for us anyhow. Thanks WordPress doods (CLEVER!)! Sorry to hear about your bankruptcy. See our law page noted below for help. 😦

3/31 As we seem to be ruffling some royal plumes, we added a law school. Check it out; Must Be A Law.

3/29 Now that we are getting some help around here, we added a Royal News update page found over at Anemi’s place; zwischen den Blättern (Between the Sheets). Good stuff here, but not enough for an entire post. Today, thanks to our Bests’ in Palm Beach, read about Prinz Freddy’s mega-million dollar winnings in the Florida Lottery.

3/29 We adopted a new charity; STARVEALLYA. Give til’ it hurts! Our Aunt Emma joined the staff today and has her own page; Ask Emma. She is sitting at the top of the home page. Welcome Auntie!

3/28 The “Munchenen” got back today and bumped into a Big Moe en route through Florida. Welcome home. BTW, you dropped to 831,889 at Technorati. Need a coder?

3/26 Anemicroyalty made Top Posts and Top Blogs over at WordPress. WTG babybro! (I’ve never made the list 😦 ).

3/24 If you didn’t know (care) Anemi is in Munchen doing some biz for our multi-media mega-globerate; TEWO Entertainment. Return to Sender date unknown. Have fun!

3/23 For a quick laugh (I hope) go to the Smiles Everybody! page. Frequent updates.

3/22 Anemicroyalty.com squeaked under 1,000,000 at Technorati at 999,782. Congrats, babybro!

3/22 Anemi has joined the ranks as a Royal. WTG Anemi!

3/21 Perez Hilton emailed Sunday and said he would help out on the animals thing. C’mon Perez. We’re waiting. Hey, throw it a link, or lose the mink.

3/21 Bobby Trendy invited us to his party. Must have been the business advice. Thanks, Bobby.

3/21 Anemi sez we made the Growing Blogs list at Word Press. Thanks doods!

3/20 Q. What is Swicki Search on the Blogroll? A. Something baby bro came up with. He defines it as, “A search engine for all currently irrelevant self-important people and things.” Anemi, this is exactly what the web was missing. Thanks.

3/19 Anna & Marilyn – Hey, Great Pics and a Great Cause!

3/18 A word about the “Top Posts” section off to the right. Strictly ranked by was is read the most. Shucks, thanks for reading anything!

3/18 Technorati sez we’re #825,797 #707,096 out of 55,000,000. Is this a good thing? Thanks Technorati.

3/18 Baby bro has a good update on “The Prinz.” Check him out on Anemic Royalty. CAUTION! He uses the “S” word.

3/18 The Chat is pretty cool, and can get crowded which is fun. Check it out on the Blogroll. Gonna do different topics every now and then.

3/16 Check out the new live chat. It’s the “Talk To Me Button.” So cutting edge!

Anemic Royalty is coo-coo. Our baby brah is doin’ a banger over there! Check ’em out.

Rock Wire & Gum That dood, Fadhel Al-Maliki, is sorta back in the woodwork. The FBI let him go, but U. S. Immigration is watching him. (perverts, that’s gross.) If you are lucky enuff to catch US Airways flight #1422 in the future, be sure to check your seat cushion to make certain it is otherwise upright and/or suitable as a flotation device. (Made you look!)

I need to return a VM from the F&B peeps at the Del. (Can’t wait!) “Huh, who’s still there?”

Perez Hilton shot me an e-xoxoxo about the DST brunch. Where were you? I’ve not met Perez, but I will.

Dood, you’re walking in New York City? Get a ride, mention Easy and you’ll get a 50% discount smile. (Hey, not all bad!) We’re going to be there soon. ;-/

The Rose got sold. $51 bucks, I think. I talked to the Buyer, who has not heard from the Seller. I haven’t heard back from the Seller neither. Funny thing how it helps to tip the airport doods working your bags.

The Royal College of Surgeons are mailing us their Royal brochure. I love to read.

Fox News just did the Anna Nicole Ebay thing. A little late, but still some good buys left.

No fan of O. J. and a great musician, met Jack Pribek on the net. Good music for an Ozarks boy. Check him out.

I got a copy of “If I Did It,” (yeah, there’s a few copies out there) and hope to read it and give you a book report tonight. Stay tuned.

Oops, Bobby Trendy may be missing something from the DST brunch. A bad business license is bad business.

Bobby just shot me an email. More later. 🙂

Technorati just ranked us 975,319 out of 55,000,000. Is this good? Thanks, Technorati doods!


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