The Castle ~ Austria, January, 2005

Survivor, you’re sunk, and show a little fear, factor. You’ve crossed the line, er moat, as in January of 2005, we find our “Clown Prince” of Bel Air as one of the “stars” in the late night German reality/dark comedy show, “The Castle, The Prominent Chain Metal Shirt,” or “Die Berg, Prominent Im Kettenhemd,” as was known by its Bavarian viewing audience. The idea was for twelve adults of varying B-type renown to live as medievals without heat or hot water for 16 days in an Austrian castle. The group was divided with half living in servitude to the aristocracy. Naturally, Frederick played his part well as the evil boss-man, and the low-life could improve their lot by performing certain challenges and chores well, and otherwise acting responsibly. Goof up, and it was off to the dungeon for creative fun and pains. The shows tone, and hence appeal, was always the raucous acting, and spitting in each other’s dinner was par. Prince Frederick’s behavior led to his replacement on the show, when of his own accord, decided to play the “Peeing Prince” by taking a leak in the bath of the female contestants. While this incident was not aired, you will glance at a photo of same here. Following Frederick’s “relief,” a fight ensued with Frederick blackening the beautiful face of former Penthouse model Kader Loth, and sending her to the emergency room for treatment. Reprecussions followed with Kader suing Frederick for 175,000 Euro. Throwing punches? Like Zsa Zsa, it runs in the bloodline, I guess. The show was cancelled after one “season,” given general malaise of the regions common TV public.




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  1. The Princess Says:

    Frederic is going to be on a new movie. The title of the movie “Mikey and Dolores”. His character name is “Adolph von Mecklenburg-Cronkite”. It is on production now in 2008.

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