Is it possible that after all this time the conspiracy has not been resolved? One of our gentle readers is in desperate need for the following Pol’ Atteu creation, and we have smacked into this Google road hazard. Anyhow, if you can lend a hand, just drop us a line: outeasy@gmail.com. See here for further details FAT KID. Thanks Everybody!



Our “Fat Kid Knowitall” ‘KidFat’ made a mistake. If you can help, please give him a squeeze. Thank you!






On 4/19/07, Jessica S wrote:

The dress that you sent me the link to is the wrong dress. Here is a picture of the green dress I was referring to. Please let me know what to do from here.

Hi, sorry to keep bothering you, I was wondering if you forgot about me. I know these things can not be rushed but I have a weeding to attend on June 9th and was checking on our progress. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! jessica

—– Original Message —–

From: out easy

To: Jessica S

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 11:30 AM

Subject: Re: Anna Nicole

I’m sure we can help. Back to you shortly. Thanks for writing, and have an amazing day!

On 4/3/07, Jessica S wrote:

In reply to your e-mail for the green Anna Nicole dress that was made by Mr.
Atteu. I wrote to you from my husbands e-mail the first time by mistake, I
really love this dress and have recently lost allot of weight as did Anna. I
have always been a huge fan of Anna and my weight seemed to fluctuate like
Anna’s did. I also used trim spa and excersie and I finally feel and look
alot better. I really appreciate you contacting me back and I understand if
there is nothing you can do for a peon like me, but would be sooooooo
extremely grateful to you forever if you can help. THANK YOU IN
ADVANCE!!!!!! Jessica
—– Original Message —–
From: “out easy” <outeasy@gmail.com>
To: “John S
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: Anna Nicole

> No worries dood, we can help! No money is an object, but never the
> end. Just tell us why you need/want the dress in any words or less,
> and dreams happen. Have an amazing day.
> Out Easy ;-)
> On 3/12/07, John S wrote:
>> I have been desperatley trying to get a hold of Mr.Atteu I really need to
>> find the green dress that she wore in an awards ceremony in 2004 where
>> she
>> was with her son Daniel. This dress is a tank top/mermaid style dress. On
>> Inside edition I saw it in the window of his hollywood store and ofcourse
>> I
>> do not have the money to go get it. Please advise, I am a huge fan of
>> Anna
>> and I need to find this dress.


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There are over 150 runway showings during Paris Fashion Week, a fact that increasingly forces designers to opt for intimate showroom presentations. Pol’ Atteu, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, and Adam Jones — three very strong and experimental presentations — showed under such circumstances last month in Paris at Deuxieme Bureau, the press showroom. Citing fabulous Bahamian trade winds and unprecedented rubber-necking, Pol’ Atteu announced after losing his lease in Nassau
the shop will relocate to an adjacent outdoor kiosk. Uber! 1.jpg

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From the Outeasy mailbag, comes this…

10 March, 2007

Dear Mr. Easy:

Whilst I am a fan and greatly enjoy your writings in The Easy Way Out, I would be remiss in failing to direct attention to your total ignorance of how to use an apostrophe.

There are two, and only two, reasons to use an apostrophe, and yours are neither. Now, either you are the first person to find a crazy third use for an apostrophe which will seamlessly assimilate itself into the English language over the next few years causing you to be hailed as some sort of pioneer, or, as is infinitely more likely, you just don’t know, or care, how to use apostrophes.

The first reason for use is to indicate the absence of letters, such as in don’t, (do not). The second is to indicate possession by a noun or proper noun, as in “Easy’s blog.” I only caution your attention as to avoid the like fate of Sheridan’s Mrs. Malaprop.

Please note this. You constantly and incorrectly associate apostrophes in the words “pol’ and pole at’ewe.” You seem intelligent, and to the former it should be obvious there are no missing letters in “pol.” To the latter, whilst “at” is generally a noun, you, and correctly so, are using “at” as a preposition. You see, an “at” cannot own a ewe.

Thanking you for your consideration, and with kindest wishes for continued success, I am,


Brian Sylvester

Well, holy dangling participle and comma-splice, Brian. “Mea Culpa,” and many thanks. I am corrected. 😉

“Everybody Is Up To Something.” sm

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