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It’s time, once again, for the book, “If I Did It,” and OJ Simpson, running defense, has intercepted the ball from the Fred Goldman team.

This past Friday, OJ filed a petition of bankruptcy in Florida for Lorraine Brooke Associates (LBA), the entity incorporated in the State of Florida that inked the deal with Harper-Collins on Behalf of OJ for publishing rights to the book,”If I Did It.” The book, which actually did go to first print with at least one shipment to Amazon Books, but has yet to be released to the public, is OJ’s supposed fictional account detailing the 1997 murders of his estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman. Together with the book, a two-night “special” was to be aired by Fox, an affiliated company of Harper-Collins in November, just in time for the fall television ratings known as “sweeps.” Overwhelming public outcry killed both projects.

Lorraine and Brooke are the middle names of Simpson’s younger daughters , and LBA was paid $890,000.00 by Harper-Collins for Simpson’s involvement prior to cancellation of the book. The effect of the bankruptcy of LBA is a stay on the court ordered sale of (any) residual rights to publish the book which were to have reverted back to OJ Simpson and LBA pursuant to the agreement with Harper-Collins. Fred Goldman had earlier last month been awarded a judgement by the Superior court in Sacramento, CA to have the publishing rights auctioned to the highest bidder to satisfy some of the $38 million OJ was ordered to pay following the civil suit in the matter. To date, OJ has paid none, and the auction was to take place in Sacramento this coming Tuesday.

Attorneys for the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson attempted to intervene in court in Santa Monica, CA on Friday for the auction to proceed, however, were unsuccessful due to technicalities. It is doubted the California court or Sheriff’s office would have any jurisdiction with regard to matters filed in the State of Florida. Separately, Fred Goldman, father of Ron, vowed to continue his fight by petitioning the bankruptcy court to have the stay vacated.

OJ Simpson had earlier stated the purpose of forming LBA was to provide for his four children. Goldman maintains it is a sham created to avoid payment of the civil damage award. OJ has acknowledged receiving the $890, 000.00 and spending same, claiming he is entitled to earn a living and has people he owes before Fred Goldman. The true purpose of LBA escapes me, as it seems the funds could have just as easily been directed to the estate of Nicole, whose beneficiaries are the children, if care for the children was indeed OJ’s intent. In any event, the children’s company is bankrupt, Fred is on hold again, and do not look for the book to fill Christmas wishes.

To Friday’s news, the Goldman family reacted somewhat surprisingly disappointed. “For a guy who claims he never wanted to do this book anyway, he’s fighting awfully hard for a way to keep the rights,” says Fred Goldman. His daughter Kim added, “I think this was just another tactic of Simpson’s, using the law in order to prevent us from being able to exercise our right to collect on the judgment. From an emotional standpoint, it’s frustrating. We are once again forced to keep fighting this fight. He’s completely insulated by the law.”

Documents relating to the court order and Harper-Collins agreement can be accessed by clicking HERE.







Prinz Pathos – Best Costume Design


Howard K. Stern – Best Short Story


Mark “Hollywood” Hatten – Best Makeup


Orinthal Simpson – Best Original Story


Virgie Arthur – Lifetime Achievement Award


All The Rest of You – There’s Plenty to Go Around


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The Return of ‘If I Did It’

The family of Ron Goldman now says it wants O.J. Simpson’s book published. What changed their minds?

O.J. Simpson’s “tell-all book “If I Did It” will likely be published after all—with the help of, get this; murder victim Ronald L. Goldman’s family. A California court ruled that proceeds from the auction of the book rights would go to the Goldman family, not Simpson. Simpson was found liable in 1997 for the wrongful deaths of Goldman and O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, which occured on June 12, 1994. Simpson has paid almost nothing of the $33.5 million judgment (now, with interest, grown to $38 million) he owes to the Goldman and Brown families.





Mark “Hollywood” Hatten

“Are you allowed to have cigars in prison?” There are three questions I want answered by Mark “Hollywood” Hatten, and that was the first. Remember “Hollywood?” I didn’t until last night when I was searching a tech site for an updated display driver, and there he was, or his “exclusive” story anyway, permalinked to the ATI specs review I needed. (Sorry, I didn’t read your article about Mark, gentle writer, but I will if I can find my way back). Since you don’t remember “Hollywood,” and to your benefit, some of it is coming back to me, Mark is the brother of Jackie Hatten who is famous for some beach sport, volleyball I think, who was befriended by Anna Nicole Smith during a visit to the beauty parlor. Jackie turned out to be none so kind in her ruminations on network TV following Anna’s death. This I do remember because when she spoke I was thinking, “gee, some friend.” Anyhow, Jackie set up Anna with Mark, and the rest is his history. When you are in between searches for software drivers, hop over to Mark’s site: www.markhollywoodhatten.com. (Do not be surprised if this site is gone. Since I wrote this article, Our buds at “ISHOWARDKSTERNAMURDERER.COM” have disappeared, along with others, now that Howard Stern seems to be getting serious.)

After spending some time there, my second question for Mark is; “How did you come to pick up the name ‘Hollywood’.” I’m sorry Mark, but your writing left me a little sad, actually. Surely I missed something, but as I read, Mark dated Anna for some two years, gave a sperm and saliva? sample to Anna’s “private” doctor, Anna broke up with Mark, Howard K. Stern at 5’8″ killed Mark, 6’5,” who woke up from the dead in a bathtub four days later, Howard ran Mark off, Mark stalked Anna, held a knife to her throat and threatened Howard with bodily harm, and Mark is winding up his subsequent guilty conviction with a seven year full stretch in the stir for the grief dished him – and it’s all, “documented.” Put the kids away, as with any Anna Nicole story, here’s where it gets graphic. Mark’s sperm sample was to be cryonically preserved, just like J. Howard’s, for Anna’s exclusive future use, and I guess the saliva was to assist somehow. This is worse than “Slow Moving” sperm O.J. Simpson. Where’s Monte Hall? “Come on down!”

Of course, Mark’s paternity touts are not new and are hardly newsworthy given more established claims by the other players on our “lacrosse team” here, but his tact certainly is worth mention. My third question for Mark is;“What have you been doing for the last seven years?” To me, the “story” just adds to sum zero. All at once, commencing this past February 17, Mark registers his web site with Internic, for purposes of presenting the living hell he was subjected to, while hawking his to be written tome replete with complimenting wares; “Hollywood Bad Boy: Sex, Drugs, and Anna Nicole.” Some title. Any filler left once you discard the dust jacket? You going to show those pictures of you and Anna in bed and discuss your private sex video like on your web site? Been there, seen it dood. Mark’s pre-review is OK with me. If published, I’ll never read the book anyway. It goes; “My story has been featured on People Magazine, TMZ, Larry King Live, Fox News – On The Record, Court TV, Hannity and Colmes, The E! Channel, (What, was Gunsmoke unavailable?) and (sic) I’m currently talking with attorneys, journalists, TV Producers, and book publishers, stay tuned for more exciting developments! Coming soon, my tell-all book! The unbelievable absolutely true story of my crazy life, Mark ‘Hollywood’ Hatten! Before there were reality shows, there was my world! My stories are not for the faint of heart, mind, or soul. My ‘wild-child’ youth growing up in the Hollywood Hills! Mark Hatten’s court room drama, railroaded and exonerated! (you are doing time, right?) Saved from the clutches of death and sin (in no particular order) by our Lord Jesus Christ! This story is straight out of the world of Hunter S. Thompson except this is the real deal! ‘Soul restoration is my full time occupation in life.'” I’m riveted.

That pretty much does it for me, but not quite, Mark. It’s the cigars I need to know about. I know you get TV and periodicals in jail. Seen them? Your “story” is the same as everybody’s playing this game. “What have you been doing for the past seven years?” What really does do it for me, is the book’s dedication; “In loving memory of Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007, may she rest in peace. Anna Nicole Smith is the sweetest woman I have ever known…she is my soul mate, and the heart of my dreams.” I said I was probably missing something, and while there is nothing wrong in expressing a little self-promotion, if you want to push that notion, but Mark, the story is Anna Nicole. She was the lady that died. “May she rest in peace?” May you never be my “soul mate.”

This can’t have anything to do with the timing of Mark’s release in a month or two, or want for money. Apparently, Mark’s got plenty as he states his annual income to exceed $250,000.00 on MySpace. And, he has gone on record with willingness to renounce Dannielynn’s inheritance, should she be so fortunate. Again, Mark. Dannielynn is the story here. It doesn’t make any difference if you are the father, or joined at the hip for that matter. You are not a party to that issue, regardless of paternity, but nice thought, anyhow. And what’s with all the letters to your cell mate, now literary agent/business manager, your words; “Sell this on Ebay.” Listen, you write a book about the cigars, about “Hollywood,” and about what you’ve been doing for the past seven years, throw in some stuff about coming around after being killed and left in a bath tub and how the soul restoration gig is going, and I’ll buy that, and the cigars. I know it won’t be a love story, but you weren’t going there anyhow. Best luck when you get out. Help us.




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A Mark’s Video/Call From Prison



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“Everybody Is Up To Somethng. sm


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…Is nearing completion. This is what they call in the biz, a “teaser.” Actually, this was not a tease at all. Rather, this was part of the Norm Pardo plan. Check back soon for this epilogue?

“Everybody Is Up To Something.” sm


15 March, 2007


My Dear Bobby,

My bad to have missed you at the DST brunch, same old me; Mr. Un-Schway! So much for O.J., huh? Anyhow, heard you were uber-fab as usual, wearing that Onch, ouch! BTW, the clean-up boys at the Del found this business license on the floor. Slipped out of your purse? Might want to get your peeps to have a look. This needs renewal or is SUSPENDED or something. Probably fell through the crack, I guess, and careful honey, jail is not your color! For always,

Ciao Bella,



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PS: When the dolls come, bag one for me!

“Everybody Is Up To Something” sm


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