Official Republican Party Ornament

The symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant. In the spring of 1874, the New York Herald printed an editorial raising the cry of Caesarism against President Ulysses S. Grant. The Herald falsely believed that Grant would attempt to run for an unprecedented third term in 1876.

Herald editorial writers apparently felt this would have overthrown the unwritten rule that presidents served only two terms, making Grant a dictator. Despite its falseness and rumors that the Herald had printed the editorial only to gain publicity, the idea was used by Democrats that year to scare Republican voters away from the party in Congressional elections.

About the same time, the New York Herald concocted another scheme to increase its circulation. The paper printed a fabricated story that wild animals had escaped from the Central Park Zoo and were roaming the city looking for prey.

Seeing an opportunity to use both the Caesarism charge and the animal scare, cartoonist Thomas Nast produced a cartoon which appeared in Harper’s Weekly on November 7, 1874. Nast drew a donkey (the symbol of the Democratic Party for which Nast was also responsible) clothed in a lion’s skin, scaring away the other animals in the park.

Among the animals in the cartoon is an elephant, labeled “The Republican Vote.” Nast chose the elephant because it was believed that elephants were clever, steadfast, and easily controlled, but unmanageable when frightened.

This year, OuteasY and Anemi are pleased to present for consideration to The Official Republican National Committee our Senator Larry Craig commemorative ornament, sure to provide a festive reminder of all Gay Old Pedophiles. You can display your Republican sentiments on a desktop, mantle, holiday decoration, or get the Pine-Sol scented unit, and hang from the mirror in your car.


It’s always right around the corner ya know, heY!





We don’t really know much about this Andrew Speaker, the dood who flew all over the planet a week or so ago, spreading fear and pestilence. “Tuberculosis Andy.” We do know, however, he is a member of the popular Internet social hooking site “Meet Up;” Subversive Sub-Chapter: ATLANTA GREAT DANES.

One of the busy-body members shot this email to the group today:

Hi All-

Someone was smoking at the Brook Run Meetup today. I just wanted to make everyone aware that there is a no smoking policy at this dog park (and at Sweat Mountain and Waggy World too). The only dog park where smoking is allowed is Piedmont.

Please be considerate of others, both dogs and people, for whom second hand smoke, even in a park setting, is a health hazard.

If anyone wants to review the policies at these parks, here are the links:

Brook Run Park Dunwoody

Sweat Mountain Park Marietta

Waggy World Alpharetta

Thank you.

My dog, “Baezkid,” is a Great Dane “wannabe,” (I’ve got the AKA papers) and applied for membership to the Atlanta Society, but so far, has been snubbed. I try to make it up to him by us walking behind the group, but lately, he’s just listless.

Oh well, I’m tired too. No “Sweat.” Maybe I’ll just sit for a smoke and read up on the “Waggy-World” rules here.


Janet, You Rock ~ Go “Gurl Frend”




Do it for moi! Muchas Gracias!


“First she loses Tinkerbell, then she ditches her for a cuter dog, then replaces that dog with a ferret, then a kinkajou monkey and then, I gather, a goat,” said in a statement quoted from the publisher of Hollywood Dog magazine. How much would you take if you were Tinkerbell? This is not normal for a Chihuahua.




QUESTION: What will be the outcome of Paris Hilton’s stint in jail?

Paris will announce that jail is – Hot +500
She’ll have her sentence extended for bad behavior +5000
Paris will fall in love with a fellow inmate +1500

She’ll come out with a -One Night in Jail-sex tape +2000
Paris will publish a Jailhouse workout video +500
She’ll try to sneak Tinkerbell into jail +2000
Paris Hilton will be caught attempting to scape +400
Paris Hilton will manage sucessfull scape +30000


QUESTION: What is in store for Paris Hilton before Dec 31st 2007?


She’ll be charged with driving drunk again +200
Paris will be caught with a controlled substance +300
She wil become a brain surgeon +20000


Paris Hilton Obituary Writing Contest:

Keep The Kids Busy (Actually, a pretty good idea!)

May 10th – Due to the overwhelming number of applicants we have decided to extend our submission deadline to the end of the month.

Capla Kesting Fine Art invites all students from ages thirteen to eighteen to compete for prizes, to be announced, by composing an obituary for Paris Hilton, based on the “Paris Hilton Autopsy” created by artist Daniel Edwards. The obituary shouldn’t exceed 300 words and must be submitted by May 30, 2007. Winners will be posted June 7, 2007.

Final entries selected from three age groups, which include, 13 –14, 15 – 16, 17 – 18, will be evaluated by a simple rubric that assesses the composition by command of topic, development, organization, and creativity.

Capla Kesting wishes good luck to all of the contestants. Happy obituary writing!

We will start posting Paris Hilton Obituary contestent submissions later this week. Please email all obituaries for considerations here, thanks and good luck! Please note that all email sent to the gallery, obituary our otherwise is property of CKFA and will be used at our discression in any way we see fit.

Daniel Edwards – Paris Hilton Autopsy
May 12 – 30

A) Clay model of the Paris Hilton Autopsy by Daniel Edwards in pre-autopsy form with “Tinkerbell.” Life Size, 2007

“Paris herself would probably take one look at the installation and draw, “Dude, I look great. DUI death is hot.”” – The New Yorker Magazine – The Fug Girls





Rise in DUI Incidents a Mystery to Police

After a decline of alcohol-impaired driving throughout the first day or so in May, a new study shows that driving while intoxicated has increased significantly and traffic police are baffled. Drunk driving has always been a problem, but according to most Hollywood bartenders surveyed, “it almost appears men are asking for trouble.” For now, the incidences seem confined to Los Angeles County, CA. “It’s unreal, man. Doods are getting whacked even before happy hour, and can’t wait to get their rides,” according to a valet parking attendant at the House of Blues. “We can’t slide their cars out of the garage fast enough,” he added. Police speculate boredom, lowered self-esteem, sexual and financial or other legal problems may be contributing factors. “Ever since this Paris Hilton thing, male drivers act like they want to go to jail. But, we’re out there, and we will haul them off, whatever their deal is,” said an officer with the California Highway Patrol.


Field insanity tests are mandatory in California.


Police are trained to never argue with idiots, fearing shame by association.


“Playing Games” with the law is often rewarded with a jail scene.



I finally got arrested for a DUI in LA County, now what?

Once a person has been arrested for a DUI, the clock was still ticking. Without exception, we know the time of day.

I do not have a California License, should I care about the DMV
Notice of Suspension?

No, not as long as you have a Bahamian driver or have not been seen for the past, say, four years. You are free to mark the notice, “Return To Sender,” and call the DMV for a courier to collect. If you need assistance with the phone, you most likely do.

The officer did not read me my rights can you get the charges
to stick?

A person does have a fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, so make room in your glove box for our complimentary nail file or cigarette lighter with the “Miranda Rights” printed next to our golf pro’s number. Assuming you have not renewed your license and are driving uninsured, give the officer his choice of either as soon as you catch a glow of the problem.

I decided not to drink and then drove, doesn’t this mean I am
innocent of DUI?

Not always. The law states that the person must have been impaired by alcohol at or above the legal limit. State Statutes are silent as to indecision. We can present time-zone conversions to the Court.






1973 Kentucky Derby Winner, The Immortal “Secretariat”

Dammit! I’ve been so busy, I have totally forgotten The Queen of England is in the United States to celebrate the 400th anniversary of a town which was replaced, and this is going to be a big problem. I just know somebody is going to goad me into coming to their cocktail party to meet Her Majesty Elizabeth and head Consort Philip, and I’m not prepared. I know this because anybody who lives, has lived, or is even remotely connected with Richmond, Virginia knows this. Forget the advance notice that the Queen will be otherwise socially hogged this evening dining with the Governor at the Executive Mansion. Everybody who lives within a three mile circle of the Queen’s motel and the Governor’s “crib” will be on the ready by chance the “Royal Rental” has a flat en route, and Philip needs to pop in to borrow the phone to get help from the BAA or BARP, or whoever they’re enrolled with. I know this because Richmond is this, in that simply the right hour of the day is reason enough to host a cocktail party. Let loose a Queen, and a bottle won’t see a cork in this town for days.

For evidence, stroll around the city sometime, and you’ll see a great many a front portico displaying flags, which, sure, conveys patriotism, but the true connotation of the colors is that a cocktail party will be in residence sometime after 4:30 PM. Who doesn’t know that about Richmond, and who in Richmond doesn’t own a dog, even if they don’t particularly care for dogs? A Richmond dog is the excuse to walk off the morning Bloody Mary and deduce which neighborhood flag waver is going to have the better later day cocktails. You’ll never see anybody walking solo in the AM in Richmond – a dead giveaway that you’re an alcoholic on the prowl for free booze. And why do you think cat people don’t walk cats anyway? Again, too obvious because we all know cats don’t walk, and you may as well just wear a sign that says, “I’m into my cups, what time do you want me?”

My wardrobe would not hold me back, and getting dressed can be accomplished even with the lights off, because I know that any pair of khaki pants will suit-up perfectly with any navy blazer in my closet. I can leave the lights off shrinking my carbon footprint (good ‘New World’ chit-chat), because the only thing in my closet is khakis and navy blazers. I am this because every other man in Richmond is this, who also knows that neck-wear is optional, holding little significance other than to suggest either that you were barking bored and had time to put on a tie, or that your shirt placket is missing a button. And, did I hear you say socks? That’s a joke, right? I mean, your not serious about wearing golf shoes to a cocktail party, are you? Surely the Queen’s not going to be sporting cleats?

No, conversation might be my big problem. I don’t mean conversation with my friends and neighbors, I got that down long ago, which means I speak ‘U’ English, rather than ‘u,’ which is to say that I would never use “toilet” to mean loo, and vegetables are not “greens.” I speak like this because everybody knows Richmond is an educated college town where you’re schooled to learn this stuff, and requesting a “bottle of hooch” is not going to get you a fifth of Wild Turkey at the package (“liquor”) store.

With no language barrier, I’m afraid it’s the Queen herself that scares me. What if she picks on me for a chat during her “walk-about?” Well, I may be just an “ugly American,” but I ain’t no hick, as I never heard of anyone on my side of the family talk about riding shotgun on the Mayflower hauling turnips to Jamestown. As a child, I went to Mrs. Pippins for dance lessons and social poise, and among all that I have forgotten, like everybody else in Richmond, I do know you don’t speak to the Queen unless spoken to, a nod of the head supplants a bow, unless you’re getting some investiture, and only Zsa Zsa Gabor’s “Prince” Frederic would attempt to shake hands with Her Majesty. Retention of the aforementioned got me repeat invites to deb balls while growing up, and these manners will work with the Queen, or any lady you you care to court in Richmond, for that matter. It’s overcoming the obstacles of a great conversation with the Queen that has got me so hot and bothered.

The art of conversation is a skill, and nobody in Richmond has a problem with shyness or insecurity, as everyone knows these can be minimized through study, training, therapy, or the right marriage. Panicked, I stopped in Barnes & Noble to blueprint this mess, and the consensus I read is, just not going to work. I have some education, and am sure you do as well, so what do you think of these “crown jewels?” (Maybe this is some of the crap I’ve lost.)

“Enrich your store of conversational topics. Current events, movies and books, food and restaurants, music, psychology, and hobbies are all rich sources.” Rich, as in hasty pudding? The Queen of England and me talking about the new Outback Steak House, can you imagine? Or “let’s talk books,” when everybody knows, there has to be a “Royal Reader” for such a regal time waster.

Or how about this?

“Practice the art of conversation with people you trust. Try out a new topic, a new manner of speaking, a new interest or improved storytelling on them.” Look, nobody I know in Richmond is going to trust anybody with their story, new, improved, or otherwise. I know this because my trust is limited by the up or down embellishments that accompany all stories, be they first hand or distant cousins. The only appropriate “new” topic I read here is that the gentle writer must be over-medicated, or worse, is not from Richmond.

So, I’m running with what’s left in these books, not being one to turn away free advice. (Nobody actually buys books at Barnes & Noble, do they?) Here it is:

“Jot down what you find interesting about the people you plan to meet and what you’ve read. Learn some opening lines that will lead to discussions and memorize them until they come out naturally: “You know, the other day I noticed how many people wear (glasses) (all black) (the same outfits) (bad ties) …. ” Or, “Did you happen to see Mark Morris’ latest ballet?” Realize that everyone else is looking for a good topic too, and they may feel as uncomfortable as you. Ask questions that will lead to a lively discussion. For example, “Is it true that lawyers hate to be on juries?” “Do you think Oprah’s book club is silly?” Open your eyes, ears and mind and be thrilled, shocked and delighted at the outcome.” Got a mental picture? (Oh boy, I feel this is, ‘going-to-really-suck.’)

I can do this, though. Now, I happen to know the De la Hoya-Mayweather fight is sold out, so it’s doubtful the Queen is going to snag tickets. This means likely she’ll be sighted at the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, which seems plausible, as she loves horses, even though the Brits’ outlawed fox hunting as their contribution to decreasing the ‘Old World’s’ carbon hoofprint. You know, English Royalty has had extremely close ties to the Derby over the years.

As a direct descendant of England’s Epsom Derby, Churchill Downs has played host to British Royalty on three different occasions for the, “Running for the Roses.” In 1930, Edward George Villiers Stanley, the 17th Earl of Derby, from whose family name the term Derby was derived, became the first English nobleman to attend. Prohibition was in effect at the time and Lord Derby stated his disappointment in not being able to sample a mint julep. “You have a great many advantages I should like to copy for England,” Derby said, “but prohibition is not one of them.” Do you see my conundrum here? I can’t discuss food and beverage with the Queen, lest we broach the subject whether or not Uncle Edward was a bourbon brain. Then all Hell breaks loose as the conversation mutates to cover the Queen Mum, who favored gin more often than W. C. Fields. Better not go here.

Alright then. Lord Derby was followed in 1951 by the Duke of Windsor, who had renounced the British throne in 1936 so he could wed the American divorcee, non-royal Wallace Simpson. Out? Taboo ‘subject'(s)? Skeletons? OK.

Got it, then. The 100th running of the Kentucky Derby in 1974 brought Her Royal Highness, the now deceased sister of the Queen, Princess Margaret and her husband Lord Snowden who took part in the trophy presentations. Of course, this is polite enough, I think, but don’t you know all is going to be lost when we start swapping stories about Margaret’s late-night partying, or the time when Lord Snowden left a note for her that read, “You look like a Jewish manicurist and I hate you,” or the time during a Christmas dinner at Sandringham in 1969 when, Snowdon leapt on to the table and performed a striptease in front of the whole Royal Family, as a result of which the Queen refused to speak to him for 18 months. And of course, Margaret and Elizabeth weren’t exactly “sista’s in ‘da hood” as siblings. Drive-by shooting? Bad memories? Maybe.

Fine, “86” the Derby chatter. I guess I could talk to the Queen about her birthday that I totally skipped last week, which is really her fault, because she waits at leisure to celebrate in June when the weather gets better, but there again, who wants to talk about being 81 twice in one year? Alright, how about 60 years of marital harmony with Philip this coming November? Err, never mind.

What say I just upset the dog by not walking him this morning, and simply lay low with my Bloody Marys? Yep, that’s it. Sorry to you, dog, long live the Queen!



da Duke de Derby, heY!



“Uncle Jurg and Auntie Em?”


A bunch of people would like to know where-abouts’ of the man and woman who would be Dannielynn’s Aunt and Uncle. Yes, there are more. The world is full of these phony prince & princesses von Anhalts. Prince Jurgen von Anhalt and divorced (so they say) princes Emilia von Anhalt have been convicted of ninety-two (92) counts of fraud under the Ontario Canada Securities (Commission) Act. This would be the equivalent of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. Neither were present in court when the verdict was read and sentence passed March 19. Among other penalties, Jurgen got fifteen (15) months and Emilia two (2) years. Jurg was last sighted in Florida, and Em supposedly suns in Monaco. Considering they are otherwise occupied and were no-shows for the trial, don’t take any fool’s gold bets they will be back in Ontario to serve time. Extradition, while legally possible thanks to treaties in cooperating Countries, is doubtful. My guess is that as long as the pair stays clear of Canada, the matter will be relegated to the back burner. The rest of their bizzare doings follows.




Jurgen and Emilia von Anhalt who insist on being called “prince” and “princess” are the way colourful co-founders of Lydia Diamond Exploration of Canada Ltd. (so named for their daughter). They were convicted of improperly selling shares to investors in contravention of a 2002 Ontario Securities Commission ruling that in addition to their jail sentences, prohibits them from trading securities for 12 years or acting as a director or officer of a public company for 15 years. Mr. Justice John Moore found Ms. von Anhalt guilty on 65 counts, while Mr. von Anhalt was found guilty on 27 counts of contravening the Ontario Securities Act.

Ms. von Anhalt, who lives in Monaco, was sentenced to two years less a day, while Mr. von Anhalt, who lives in Florida, drew a 15-month sentence. The couple divorced in 2004.

The pair were “repeat and flagrant offenders” who took more than $2-million from investors, Judge Moore said.

“The potential for abuse in the investment industry is high, and those involved have to be assured that those found to be in breach of the law will be dealt with severely,” he said.

After the hearing, OSC prosecutor Matthew Britton would not comment on whether the commission will seek extradition. “We’ll just review the sentence and consider our options,” he said.

Canada has extradition treaties with both the United States and Monaco. Chris Girouard, a spokesman for the federal Department of Justice, which administers all of Canada’s extradition requests, said there is nothing preventing extradition for matters prosecuted under the Ontario Securities Act. But he said many conditions must be in place before the treaties can be used. Critically, the violations must be also be considered parallel crimes by the other country, and there must be similar sentencing standards.

Ms. von Anhalt did not attend the trial or have a lawyer present. Her former husband also did not attend, but was represented by lawyer David Milosevic.

After the sentencing, Mr. Milosevic said he could not comment on whether Mr. von Anhalt will return to jail in Canada, noting he first intends to appeal. “We’re going to have to wait for the appeal,” the lawyer said. “We do believe there are good grounds for appeal.”

Mr. Milosevic said his client hopes “to get a better shake on sentencing” and maintains that his involvement in the crimes “was completely different” than that of his ex-wife, who orchestrated the efforts to raise money from investors.

Mr. Milosevic said Mr. von Anhalt did not attend the trial because he is applying for U.S. residency status and cannot leave the country while his case is under consideration.

Mr. von Anhalt is working as a holistic healer and as an artist. He specializes in what he calls “jet art” in which paint is splattered onto a canvas by an airplane engine.

At a sentencing hearing in February, Mr. Milosevic asked the court to impose a fine on his client, rather than a jail sentence, but said it would have to be a modest amount because Mr. von Anhalt is struggling to make ends meet.

Judge Moore yesterday rejected the fine option, saying it would be seen as nothing more than a “licensing fee” for those dealing improperly with investors.

The judge said it is important to note that most of the $2-million raised from investors is unaccounted for, and said there is no evidence the von Anhalts had any other source of income to explain their lavish lifestyle.

“The evidence supports the conclusion that the opulent lifestyle indulged in by the von Anhalts was financed by the investors,” he said.

The von Anhalts first appeared before the OSC in 2002, accused of raising $1.8-million from hundreds of investors in contravention of securities rules allowing no more than 50 investors in a private company. As many as 350 have come forward.

It emerged at that time that the duo had hired a psychic to help them sell shares. On one occasion, the psychic, Ms. Fran Harvie, also convicted, attempted to use her powers to help find diamonds she saw on a map at the site near Peterborough in Canada. Investors were told that contrary to modern thought, diamonds can be found all over the world, including Canada, but not Europe or Antarctica. (European eyebrows have long been raised about this “wing” of the Anhalt’s, and who wants to live in Antarctica anyway?)

In the current case, the OSC alleged that the duo ignored the trading ban imposed on them in 2002, and continued to entice numerous new investors to the company, which has no active operations.

Victims testified that they were misled about the company’s operations and its prospects for becoming listed on a stock exchange. One victim testified that the von Anhalts made a “plethora of pledges” about future fortunes, including claims that Austrian crystal maker D. Swarovksi & Co. was about to inject $6-million in capital into the company. No word on whether Zsa Zsa and Frederic were in on this.

A member of the genuine Royal von Anhalt family in Germany says the infamous duo who founded Lydia Diamond Exploration of Canada Ltd. has no connection to her family.

Jurgen and Emilia von Anhalt, have long used the titles “prince” and “princess” because Jurgen claims ancestry to the royal house of the former German principality of Saxony.

But Princess Corinna von Anhalt of Saxony insists Mr. von Anhalt is not a blood member of her clan.

In a recent e-mail exchange, she said her family cannot do anything about people who take the family’s titles because German law no longer protects family names from being used by other people.

“Obviously we are not at all amused about 50 people worldwide using our name to pretend they are members of an old German noble family,” she said.

She noted understanding that Jurgen von Anhalt’s name was originally Jurgen Richter.

An even more famous von Anhalt is Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, who reportedly bought his title as an adult in 1980 by paying a member of the von Anhalt family to adopt him. He was previously named Hans Robert Lichtenberg.


Jurg got into this ‘super-sonic’ scam when things got a bit ‘globally-warmed’ North of the border. You have to love the contextual aspect of this article, how Jurgen is now treating the world to his renaissance as an artist after abstaining from the medium for years. Read, “people got tired of the Easter Egg Hunt in Ontario and Dudley Do-Right is on my tail in the Canadian Rockies.” Oh, and check out the pumps Jurg is wearing standing on the “artist’s platform.” Looks like Emilia forgot to pack her Espadrilles prior to jetting off to Monaco.

Salvador only knows where Jurg picked up the idea for this wacky scam, but we’re giving him the Anemi Golden Moon Award. I think it’s great, much more creative than; “I am the Father of Anna Nicole’s baby.” Anybody can have a baby, with or without DNA. Also, I love the quote from the PR firm that handled this event in Pompano Beach, FL:

“Today, rapid change has opened up the door to boundless opportunity. In this mercurial climate, fifteen (15) minutes in the spotlight may be easily achieved, but at the (…), we move our clients to the front page and keep them there – for months, years and even decades.”

We can only hope the Warden doesn’t find and take away our beloved German gifts before the US Gatekeeper of the Green Cards sells one to, “His & Her’n royal Highness’s, prince Jurgen and the former Mrs. princess Emilia von Anhalt.” Thank you, Saxony.




Millennium Jet Art’ Worldwide Tour Lifts Off From Pompano Beach

International Renowned Expressionist Jurgen Prince Von Anhalt Creates Original Pieces of ‘Jet-Art’ By Using a Bombardier Challenger Jet Plane

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., June 26 /PRNewswire/ — The first leg of the “Millennium Jet Art” Worldwide Tour will take off promptly at 5:30 p.m. on July 15th, 2006, at Anthony Aviation air strip, at the Pompano Beach Air Park. To celebrate the occasion, 300 VIP guests have been invited to share the experience of the actual creation of several original pieces of art by world renowned expressionist Jurgen Prince von Anhalt.

This occasion also trumpets the professional renaissance of Jurgen, who had been abstaining from his creative medium for more than a decade. In the ensuing months, the Prince and his art entourage will tour several US cities including, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Nashville, as well as international destinations including Dubai, Marbella, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Beirut, Japan and China.

Instead of relying on traditional methods of applying paint on the canvas, Jurgen utilizes the most unconventional paintbrush imaginable — a jet engine. For this world launch, the artist will use a Bombardier Challenger for the first time. The Aero Toy Store in Ft. Lauderdale is sponsoring usage of the jet. The artist will be strapped to a hydraulic platform, approximately 50 feet from the engaged engine, to adequately protect him from the hurricane force winds. As the engine is turned on, he will direct paint at a large reinforced canvas. The heat and velocity of the engine will disperse, blend and weld the paint onto the canvas.

“At each production I have a specific vision to combine color and texture,” explains Jurgen. “I choose colors indigenous to the pulse of the people and their cities in which I create, so the art is contextual within its surroundings.”

The first creation will be donated to The Ray G. Anthony Scholarship Fund, whose namesake is co-hosting the day’s event. Italian delicacies will be served, courtesy of Gino De Poli, general manager of Bice, Palm Beach. Strong supporters of Jet Art, Ree and Dennis Cole and their partner Peter Leon of Celebrity Realty, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale have already pre-purchased one of a limited number of Jet Art paintings, which will be created at the event.

For information on Jet Art Production, LLC, call 310-562-4636; e-mail

CONTACT: Nicole Lewis, +1-305-937-1581, ext. 108, or, for Jet Art Production, LLC

Disclaimer: Information contained on this page is provided by companies featured through PR Newswire. PR Newswire, WorldNow and this Station cannot confirm the accuracy of this information and make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.


“While your at it, contact STARVEALLYA somewhere on our site to rid your self of any residual fundage!


“Nappy Ho, Nappy Ho” ~ I’m Sick of Your Message, and…






“everybody is up to something” sm

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