“Uncle Jurg and Auntie Em?”


A bunch of people would like to know where-abouts’ of the man and woman who would be Dannielynn’s Aunt and Uncle. Yes, there are more. The world is full of these phony prince & princesses von Anhalts. Prince Jurgen von Anhalt and divorced (so they say) princes Emilia von Anhalt have been convicted of ninety-two (92) counts of fraud under the Ontario Canada Securities (Commission) Act. This would be the equivalent of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. Neither were present in court when the verdict was read and sentence passed March 19. Among other penalties, Jurgen got fifteen (15) months and Emilia two (2) years. Jurg was last sighted in Florida, and Em supposedly suns in Monaco. Considering they are otherwise occupied and were no-shows for the trial, don’t take any fool’s gold bets they will be back in Ontario to serve time. Extradition, while legally possible thanks to treaties in cooperating Countries, is doubtful. My guess is that as long as the pair stays clear of Canada, the matter will be relegated to the back burner. The rest of their bizzare doings follows.




Jurgen and Emilia von Anhalt who insist on being called “prince” and “princess” are the way colourful co-founders of Lydia Diamond Exploration of Canada Ltd. (so named for their daughter). They were convicted of improperly selling shares to investors in contravention of a 2002 Ontario Securities Commission ruling that in addition to their jail sentences, prohibits them from trading securities for 12 years or acting as a director or officer of a public company for 15 years. Mr. Justice John Moore found Ms. von Anhalt guilty on 65 counts, while Mr. von Anhalt was found guilty on 27 counts of contravening the Ontario Securities Act.

Ms. von Anhalt, who lives in Monaco, was sentenced to two years less a day, while Mr. von Anhalt, who lives in Florida, drew a 15-month sentence. The couple divorced in 2004.

The pair were “repeat and flagrant offenders” who took more than $2-million from investors, Judge Moore said.

“The potential for abuse in the investment industry is high, and those involved have to be assured that those found to be in breach of the law will be dealt with severely,” he said.

After the hearing, OSC prosecutor Matthew Britton would not comment on whether the commission will seek extradition. “We’ll just review the sentence and consider our options,” he said.

Canada has extradition treaties with both the United States and Monaco. Chris Girouard, a spokesman for the federal Department of Justice, which administers all of Canada’s extradition requests, said there is nothing preventing extradition for matters prosecuted under the Ontario Securities Act. But he said many conditions must be in place before the treaties can be used. Critically, the violations must be also be considered parallel crimes by the other country, and there must be similar sentencing standards.

Ms. von Anhalt did not attend the trial or have a lawyer present. Her former husband also did not attend, but was represented by lawyer David Milosevic.

After the sentencing, Mr. Milosevic said he could not comment on whether Mr. von Anhalt will return to jail in Canada, noting he first intends to appeal. “We’re going to have to wait for the appeal,” the lawyer said. “We do believe there are good grounds for appeal.”

Mr. Milosevic said his client hopes “to get a better shake on sentencing” and maintains that his involvement in the crimes “was completely different” than that of his ex-wife, who orchestrated the efforts to raise money from investors.

Mr. Milosevic said Mr. von Anhalt did not attend the trial because he is applying for U.S. residency status and cannot leave the country while his case is under consideration.

Mr. von Anhalt is working as a holistic healer and as an artist. He specializes in what he calls “jet art” in which paint is splattered onto a canvas by an airplane engine.

At a sentencing hearing in February, Mr. Milosevic asked the court to impose a fine on his client, rather than a jail sentence, but said it would have to be a modest amount because Mr. von Anhalt is struggling to make ends meet.

Judge Moore yesterday rejected the fine option, saying it would be seen as nothing more than a “licensing fee” for those dealing improperly with investors.

The judge said it is important to note that most of the $2-million raised from investors is unaccounted for, and said there is no evidence the von Anhalts had any other source of income to explain their lavish lifestyle.

“The evidence supports the conclusion that the opulent lifestyle indulged in by the von Anhalts was financed by the investors,” he said.

The von Anhalts first appeared before the OSC in 2002, accused of raising $1.8-million from hundreds of investors in contravention of securities rules allowing no more than 50 investors in a private company. As many as 350 have come forward.

It emerged at that time that the duo had hired a psychic to help them sell shares. On one occasion, the psychic, Ms. Fran Harvie, also convicted, attempted to use her powers to help find diamonds she saw on a map at the site near Peterborough in Canada. Investors were told that contrary to modern thought, diamonds can be found all over the world, including Canada, but not Europe or Antarctica. (European eyebrows have long been raised about this “wing” of the Anhalt’s, and who wants to live in Antarctica anyway?)

In the current case, the OSC alleged that the duo ignored the trading ban imposed on them in 2002, and continued to entice numerous new investors to the company, which has no active operations.

Victims testified that they were misled about the company’s operations and its prospects for becoming listed on a stock exchange. One victim testified that the von Anhalts made a “plethora of pledges” about future fortunes, including claims that Austrian crystal maker D. Swarovksi & Co. was about to inject $6-million in capital into the company. No word on whether Zsa Zsa and Frederic were in on this.

A member of the genuine Royal von Anhalt family in Germany says the infamous duo who founded Lydia Diamond Exploration of Canada Ltd. has no connection to her family.

Jurgen and Emilia von Anhalt, have long used the titles “prince” and “princess” because Jurgen claims ancestry to the royal house of the former German principality of Saxony.

But Princess Corinna von Anhalt of Saxony insists Mr. von Anhalt is not a blood member of her clan.

In a recent e-mail exchange, she said her family cannot do anything about people who take the family’s titles because German law no longer protects family names from being used by other people.

“Obviously we are not at all amused about 50 people worldwide using our name to pretend they are members of an old German noble family,” she said.

She noted understanding that Jurgen von Anhalt’s name was originally Jurgen Richter.

An even more famous von Anhalt is Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, who reportedly bought his title as an adult in 1980 by paying a member of the von Anhalt family to adopt him. He was previously named Hans Robert Lichtenberg.


Jurg got into this ‘super-sonic’ scam when things got a bit ‘globally-warmed’ North of the border. You have to love the contextual aspect of this article, how Jurgen is now treating the world to his renaissance as an artist after abstaining from the medium for years. Read, “people got tired of the Easter Egg Hunt in Ontario and Dudley Do-Right is on my tail in the Canadian Rockies.” Oh, and check out the pumps Jurg is wearing standing on the “artist’s platform.” Looks like Emilia forgot to pack her Espadrilles prior to jetting off to Monaco.

Salvador only knows where Jurg picked up the idea for this wacky scam, but we’re giving him the Anemi Golden Moon Award. I think it’s great, much more creative than; “I am the Father of Anna Nicole’s baby.” Anybody can have a baby, with or without DNA. Also, I love the quote from the PR firm that handled this event in Pompano Beach, FL:

“Today, rapid change has opened up the door to boundless opportunity. In this mercurial climate, fifteen (15) minutes in the spotlight may be easily achieved, but at the (…), we move our clients to the front page and keep them there – for months, years and even decades.”

We can only hope the Warden doesn’t find and take away our beloved German gifts before the US Gatekeeper of the Green Cards sells one to, “His & Her’n royal Highness’s, prince Jurgen and the former Mrs. princess Emilia von Anhalt.” Thank you, Saxony.




Millennium Jet Art’ Worldwide Tour Lifts Off From Pompano Beach

International Renowned Expressionist Jurgen Prince Von Anhalt Creates Original Pieces of ‘Jet-Art’ By Using a Bombardier Challenger Jet Plane

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., June 26 /PRNewswire/ — The first leg of the “Millennium Jet Art” Worldwide Tour will take off promptly at 5:30 p.m. on July 15th, 2006, at Anthony Aviation air strip, at the Pompano Beach Air Park. To celebrate the occasion, 300 VIP guests have been invited to share the experience of the actual creation of several original pieces of art by world renowned expressionist Jurgen Prince von Anhalt.

This occasion also trumpets the professional renaissance of Jurgen, who had been abstaining from his creative medium for more than a decade. In the ensuing months, the Prince and his art entourage will tour several US cities including, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Nashville, as well as international destinations including Dubai, Marbella, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Beirut, Japan and China.

Instead of relying on traditional methods of applying paint on the canvas, Jurgen utilizes the most unconventional paintbrush imaginable — a jet engine. For this world launch, the artist will use a Bombardier Challenger for the first time. The Aero Toy Store in Ft. Lauderdale is sponsoring usage of the jet. The artist will be strapped to a hydraulic platform, approximately 50 feet from the engaged engine, to adequately protect him from the hurricane force winds. As the engine is turned on, he will direct paint at a large reinforced canvas. The heat and velocity of the engine will disperse, blend and weld the paint onto the canvas.

“At each production I have a specific vision to combine color and texture,” explains Jurgen. “I choose colors indigenous to the pulse of the people and their cities in which I create, so the art is contextual within its surroundings.”

The first creation will be donated to The Ray G. Anthony Scholarship Fund, whose namesake is co-hosting the day’s event. Italian delicacies will be served, courtesy of Gino De Poli, general manager of Bice, Palm Beach. Strong supporters of Jet Art, Ree and Dennis Cole and their partner Peter Leon of Celebrity Realty, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale have already pre-purchased one of a limited number of Jet Art paintings, which will be created at the event.

For information on Jet Art Production, LLC, call 310-562-4636; e-mail jetart@bellsouth.net.

CONTACT: Nicole Lewis, +1-305-937-1581, ext. 108, or Nicole@appleorg.com, for Jet Art Production, LLC

Disclaimer: Information contained on this page is provided by companies featured through PR Newswire. PR Newswire, WorldNow and this Station cannot confirm the accuracy of this information and make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.


“While your at it, contact STARVEALLYA somewhere on our site to rid your self of any residual fundage!



The Return of ‘If I Did It’

The family of Ron Goldman now says it wants O.J. Simpson’s book published. What changed their minds?

O.J. Simpson’s “tell-all book “If I Did It” will likely be published after all—with the help of, get this; murder victim Ronald L. Goldman’s family. A California court ruled that proceeds from the auction of the book rights would go to the Goldman family, not Simpson. Simpson was found liable in 1997 for the wrongful deaths of Goldman and O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, which occured on June 12, 1994. Simpson has paid almost nothing of the $33.5 million judgment (now, with interest, grown to $38 million) he owes to the Goldman and Brown families.




Judge Orders Sale of Simpson Book About Murders

A couple of hours after I wrote “My Dog,” Reuters came out with the above captioned story “kinda” about how Judge Gerald Rosenberg of the LA Superior Court said it was OK to auction off the “If I Did It.” book. Here’s a link to it; (Judge Orders…) or, ask, and I’ll email it to you. Well, the story is not quite right, and I’m going to ask you to leave your comments to sort it all out. We’re not taking names – you can be anonymous if you wish, and there is no registration required. Thanks, and we all look forward to hearing from you. – Outeasy

1:28 PST March15, 2007

Hey Mario,

Thanks much for the comments, links, etc. All fascinating stuff, for sure, but we’re kinda looking at a hopefully never to happen book deal here. Are you writing one? Be glad to hear about it? Best luck. 🙂


9:37 PST March 14, 2007

Hey Mario,

Mr. Easy is away for a brief bit, but likes to read, a bunch, and he will (he reads everything sent to him), but can you please just give us a quick summary of how all this goes together here? Like who is Michael Hahn, why you, and why the bad guys are out to get you? Thanks,

Melissa, Ed. Assoc.

“Everybody Is Up To Something” sm

  date   Mar 14, 2007 11:33 PM


I am hard to follow sometimes, not your fault.
Michael Hahn sent me his e-mail on December 12th, 2005.
Certain people have tried to kill me, not Michael Hahn.
The Legal Document’s are “Some of My (Mario) Legal Documents from The OJ Simpson Case.” If you go to my tinseltown website, scroll down. Doument’s are there also.
Please read these links:

7:07 PST March, 14, 2007

Dear Mario,

Well, I tried. I read the email stuff from Michael Hahn, and I am lost.
Let me see, he’s married to Ron Goldman’s sister, is in his seventh
year of a divorce, and has half of LA out to ruin or kill him? Why
would he be concerned with who stands to make money on a book deal? If
I had that much material, I’d be looking for a publisher. BTW, I never
could get the “legal documents” to load. Pass my “good luck” to
Michael. Ciao,


MarioGeorgeNitrini111 | mgn3d@yahoo.com | blog.myspace.com/mariognitrini111

I was/and still am personally involved in The OJ SImpson Case and Saga. Here is what I just blogged about yesterday concerning one of The Simpson/Goldman Lawsuit’s:


And here are my 2 website’s concerning The OJ Simpson Case, Pellicano, and More…..:



The OJ Simpson Case

Mar 14, 11:41 PM —

  1. on 14 Mar 2007 at 2:36 pm Outeasy

    Hey Jack,

    The only story here is that of (yawn) money. Poor David Cook (Goldman’s lawyer) got caught with his pants down when he let the “If I Did It” money slip away. It varies by State, but basically, in a Civil Case (Goldman) where the Court awards damages, you (Goldman) the victim, have the often dubious duty to go collect your money. There is nobody from the Court, in this case California, that is assigned to follow the perp (OJ) around and collect for the victim. So Fred’s got this judgment, and that’s a good thing, but only a start. It’s a useful thing to have to present to a Judge, in this case – Florida, or the Sheriff, to have notice prepared and served in attempt to collect the money. So, where was David Cook when OJ got the “If I Did It” money? Ask David, but I’ll tell you this. It’s going to cost you money to chase money in a Civil Judgment. In this case, you’d need to camp out in Florida to keep tabs on how/when OJ is making money, and be ready to use the proper procedure to get it. So, who’s going to pay for that? Fred? David? Florida’s got some of the most liberal debt laws around, but since OJ lives there, it wouldn’t hurt to domesticate the Judgment there and also garnish wages where OJ is employed. Has this been done? Ask David. Again, it’s going to cost money to do this. Is OJ employed? Maybe by Lorraine Brooke and maybe not. Ask Jonathan Polak, the attorney who formed the corporation for OJ. (Lorraine and Brooke are Simpson’s kid’s Arnel anad Sydey’s middle names). The new book Rights, Court thing? It’s a story to follow, and closely, if you are David and Fred and want some money. If there are “Rights” to revert to OJ or Lorraine Brooke (really doesn’t matter who) so what? If OJ got paid what’s standard in the biz, a “Kill Fee” by Harper Collins for not proceeding with “If I Did It,” he might be entitled to have the Rights returned. Is this so? Ask Judith Regan, fired from Harper Collins, if you can pry her away from writing her own book. Are the “Rights” worth any money? That depends on the answer you give the sharks when asked, “will you buy The Book?” If your answer is “No,” that’s maybe the end of the story.

  2. on 14 Mar 2007 at 4:59 am Pribek

    O.K., I also believe that the Reuters piece was poorly done. No big surprise. I guess what raised my ire was the giddy tone in the quote from, lawyer, David Cook. I did a little more snooping and it appears that Cook is a collections attorney which, possibly, explains his delight. Another lawyer, Jonathan Polak, is the one whose quotes are being bandied around now.

    The way I understand it, Harper-Collins/Newscorp. has rights that expire in May. At that time, they revert to a company called Lorraine Brooke. Lorraine Brooke is a front for O.J. The judge has ordered Lorraine Brooke to auction the rights. No date has been set for this auction. Polak has said that if no publisher bids on the book, the Goldmans will buy it and lock it up.

    I was too harsh on Goldman in the post but this thing is still screwy. Since there is no date set for the auction, the plan may be to wait it out until interest goes away. However, if/when it does go to auction there will be sleazy publishers coming out of the woodwork. Does Goldman want to engage in a bidding fiasco with these guys?

    Also, the money from any auction presumably goes to the Goldmans toward the civil judgment. Does this mean that Yale Galanter does not get compensated for his part in the sale?

    Anyway, Outeasy I read the piece about Fred Pardo; good stuff. Is he related to Don Pardo? That makes me think about Don Pardo’s work on the Frank Zappa song, “I Am The Slime” (ironic isn’t it) which contains these doubly ironic lyrics…

    Take it away Don Pardo


  4. on 14 Mar 2007 at 12:55 am Jayne d’Arcy

    So far everything that I’ve read says that the book WILL BE sold. If Goldman were to own the book and stick it at the back of the closet, then that would be good. If it’s available to the public, even if OJ doesn’t see one red cent from sales and the families benefit, it still serves the purpose of keeping OJ in the spotlight. A place he no longer belongs.

  5. on 13 Mar 2007 at 10:11 pm Janus Roth

    You are both missing the point. The point is that the Goldman’s will own the trashy book. They just didn’t want OJ (the killer) to profit from this. I can’t believe the Goldmans will ever have it published. They are just trying to stop this freak from continuing to profit from the murders.

  6. on 13 Mar 2007 at 10:07 pm Jayne d’Arcy

    My jaw just dropped when I saw this. I really think that judge needs a good smack on the skull for even thinking of putting this trash out for public consumption.


Do get me started. At least John Kerry can open the conversation in an elevator with, “It was a botched joke.” But, for all the ships at sea, and crimeny, what’s the deal with O. J. Simpson and Norm Pardo? Deal’s, good and bad, that’s what.

Unless you have been living in, or worse, born in a box, Norm Pardo told a bunch of publications that O. J. Simpson said, “he knew Anna Nicole Smith pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father of Dannielynn.” Hang on, I’m not done, it gets better – so the bartender leans over the counter and says to the drunk, “I hope they don’t do a DNA test on Anna Nicole’s baby. If they find out Dannielynn is mine, I don’t want Fred Goldman trying to seize her money — or the baby herself.” I get it – funny, good one. Did O. J. really say that? Doesn’t matter, and I’ll get there in a sec.

First this first. O. J. Simpson and/or Norm Pardo (stop it! sorry, my spell checker wants me to use “pardon” here) and I will never meet. When I was younger there was always somebody wiser around who knew exactly how to coax my sometimes unwanted hope by saying something incipient like, “you can never say never,” whenever I said, “never.” As you get older, you come to understand the reality of “never,” and bonus, you actually appreciate use of the word. So, me meet O. J. and Norm? “Never say never?” Never.

O. J. Simpson. Enough said. If you’ve made it this far, there is no box. But Norm Pardo? Norm, by his own admission is a “Super Promoter.” Those who are kind say he is a Documentary Film Maker, Producer, Publicist or a Videographer, whatever that is. Norm’s thing is that somewhere within most of four years between 2000 through 2005 he took an “Excellent Adventure” bus trip with O. J. all over the place and when they ran out of gas, Norm had amassed 70 hours of fodder on his handi-cam. Norm claims he made no money, and that is and is not true, but let’s talk about value and work ethos for a sec. So, four years, that’s 4 x 365 (celebrities don’t take weekends) = 1,460 days. Don’t get up, I have a calculator, that’s 35,040 hours. Norm, you must have the vapors by now, here’s a peppermint. Dood, you worked on average just over 17 hours a year! Where’s the bus stop, I want on.

Whew, my head hurts. Though this monumental film is worthless, even Norm deserves to eat, if for no other reason than to live to entertain those of us now looking for the box. So, let’s give Norm the then minimum wage of $5.15/hour. That’s about $90 bucks a year. No need for TurboTax Norm, the IRS says you’re exempt and I agree. Of course without Congress meddling with a minimum wage, the free market might have paid more for your art. Me? Never.

“All work, and no play,” and just where does the time get to anyway? Some of the film was aired by Nancy Grace on ET back in August, 2006. It goes like this:

SIMPSON: I love my life. Isn`t life wonderful? Thank you, Jesus!
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You ever sniff coke?
SIMPSON: In my life?
SIMPSON: I refuse to answer that question. In recent years? No.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But in your life. If you refuse, that means yes.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a come-clean show.
SIMPSON: Let me tell you, when I retired from football, I went and did what everybody was doing.
No bus wants to pick up O.J. He`s, like…
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: O. J.`s new lowest low.
He`s at a bus stop.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I filmed this because this is sort of weird.
SIMPSON: Then when they catch people doing it, they don`t do nothing to them. When they catch people lying, they don`t — like, they caught Fuhrman lying. When the tape came out, everybody talked, Oh, he said (DELETED). Who cares if he said (DELETED).

Nancy Grace then posed the only possible question, “Why the tapes? Why now? And what are we seeing about what Simpson has done or not done with his life since his wife was practically beheaded in the front yard?”

The answer is that Norm and O. J. were doing this pay-per-click web site called “JudgeOJ.com.” I remember what I said when I first heard about it. Never. The web site and content of the film went nowhere real fast, and I’m sure Norm blames bad timing. I mean, even I know you put your best stuff on air during “Sweeps” in November – not August. But, in fairness to Norm, I’m no Videographer. I mean, how could we not want to tune into this docudrama of O. J. sitting on a curb waiting on a bus, stage-left to O. J. in a bar cigar between his teeth with three babes squirming in his lap and better lines than Moses, “Thank you, Jesus!” Somehow, 70 hours of this has me rifling hard in the dumpster for my box.

But this wasn’t not new soil for O. J. He did a DVD titled “Juice,” where he acted as a used car salesman trying to sell a Ford Bronco, which, of course, was the ride used in his infamous slow-speed police chase. (That was good TV). He also signed autographs for money at a horror convention where there were fake severed limbs just a couple of feet away, and reportedly starred in a pay-for-view porn web video.

I know, I’m distracted. Let’s exit stage right to Norm Pardo. Norm was asked if he was making any money off JudgeOJ.com, to which he replied, “no.” He didn’t actually lie, but there again, had any real money been made, I doubt the Goldmans were in mind. You should know that in addition to his role as cameraman, Norm booked the shows in the 30 some cities toured with O. J., and the clubs did cover “expenses,” according to Norm.
So, with JudgeOJ.com now joined with all the other “dot bombs,” Norm had a problem. Four years of life gone and a pocket full of film. Norm decided we’d rather read than watch so the brainstorm of a print version was born. According to Norm, he hired a “ghost” writer and was speaking with publishers about a book deal. I’m guessing the publishers were about my age as they all said – never. Yale Galanter, O. J. ‘s attorney was asked about all this and replied, “I assume Mr. Pardo`s motives are to make money because he`s got the film and there`s nothing else he could do with it, so he`s created this Web site. And at some point, there’ll either be a fee for a book or somehow or another, Mr. Pardo will end up making money.” So much for counting out-of-state plates on this road trip, there’s work to do.

Now, let’s bring back O. J. for a minute. Remember the book deal? No, not the one above, but the more recent one, the “If I Did It,” (murdered my wife and Ron Goldman) and likewise doomed Fox TV show deal. It’s a long sordid story, and it took a while, but the book publisher and Fox finally and rightly said – never. But O. J. knows no limits when money is involved, and he did get paid for the effort. O. J. had this to say during an interview on a Miami, Florida radio show:

SIMPSON: Come on, guys. Let`s grow up. Would everybody stop being so naive? Let`s grow up. Of course I got paid. Of course I spent the money on my bills. It`s gone.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So in terms of the Goldmans —
SIMPSON: It`s gone. I deserve the right to earn money, if I can earn money.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But O. J., wait, wait.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How does that affect the judgment? I think that`s what people are saying. Any time you earn money, —
SIMPSON: It doesn`t.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, because people think that any time you get a check, the Goldmans get a check.
SIMPSON: No, that`s not correct. And guess what? There are people who I owe before the Goldmans.

It really should all end here, but it does not. You see, as I understand it, Norm wasn’t in on the “If I Did It” deal. O. J. got his, and Norm’s still got a problem – a pocket full of film. (I should let my spell-checker go, it wants “flim”). Norm was interviewed just this past late November by A. J. Hammer on Showbiz Tonight (Bear in mind – a CNN show) and had this to say:

HAMMER: You know, there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the amount of money that O. J. could have made from this Fox fiasco. On the tapes that he shot with you over the course of those four years, at one point he says, I`ll do anything to make a dollar. Did you kind of walk away from your experience with him believing he would do anything for a buck?
PARDO: Well, it`s all about the money. It`s all about the money with a lot of people. I never at one time felt Fox was going to air this. I knew that this was basically the same thing Barbara Walters did. She did the same thing.
HAMMER: You knew from the start that this Fox project was dead on arrival.
PARDO: That`s correct. I knew that was going nowhere. I knew that he managed to dupe Fox into doing it. He`s a very smart man. They under estimated him.
HAMMER: So you think that he took advantage of their naivete in this situation. This is a big corporation we`re talking about.
PARDO: For anybody to believe that O. J. Simpson, to start with, would go on Fox. On my tapes, that`s the network that he despised the most. I mean, he — he hated Fox. HAMMER: In terms of the tapes that you have, Norm, there have been some conflicting reports flying around as far as those are concerned. Are you in fact selling them, or are you still pitching them around, or have you sold the tapes already? PARDO: We`re working with a couple different networks to try to put together a program.
HAMMER: What are you —
PARDO: I want them edited as a documentary to show O. J. Simpson, both sides of him, the way it was meant to be, not, you know, where he`s going to confess on TV, –blah blah blah — the real tapes, just him out in the streets. You can see him for what he is. And then you, like me, would have known he would have never confessed on Fox. Fox hired Mark Furman as a commentator

Sour grapes? Duplicitous? Geez, Louise. Poor Norm. The “Magical Mystery (bus) Tour” took a wrong turn and was an un”Excellent Adventure.” JudgeOJ.com a “dot bomb.” Never titled nor written book deal number one – fizzzzz, gone. No “dance card” for book deal number two or follow-up Fox TV show, “If I Did It.” And now to make my spell-checker happy, he’s still got a pocket full of “flim.” Norm has a problem, and now this really bad “joke,” about a little girl who can’t even talk yet. Did O. J. say it? I said it doesn’t matter, and it really depends. Follow the money. But Norm, when are you going to learn, “that dog can’t hunt.”

The dog. Oh yeah. This is a story about my dog. He’s a good dog, older now, and does his stuff in the back yard. I know this, because my Uncle was over the other day cussin’ at the back door. I went to open and asked him; “What’s the matter?” He said, “I’m trying to get all this G**D*** O. J. Simpson off my shoe.” Think my dog will change? Never.

“Everybody Is Up To Something” sm