Welcome to MoCA ~ The Museum of Crappy Art


MoMA – 11 West 53 Street, New York, NY

Confused? It is a bit confusing and here is the explanation. Firstly, welcome to MoCA ~ Home of The Museum of Crappy Art. Please do not think for a moment that we are in any way associated with The Museum of Modern Art pictured above, other than to commandeer their beautiful building for a brief passage in time for purposes none other than to organise our patronage. At this time, we are not afforded a home in the physical sense, and none is contemplated nor desired in the future. Oh sure, big gallery buildings are nice and all, but on the flip, there’s the constant feng shui and angel balls where our lack of resources and time will not allow. We do, however, have a virtual home at http://www.myspace.com/mofca and the email address is moca@mail.org. Membership is open to any and all, provided you know crappy art when you see it, and submissions for inclusion to the gallery are highly encouraged, provided they conform to our only standard, that being two-dimensional.


What will you find here? You know, I’m really glad you asked, and I wish I had an answer. I expect you will find an array of some really great people from all over the world who enjoy the company of others, a laugh or two, and of course, a keen sense of appreciation for crappy art. Please do not expect a personal invitation to join because you likely will not receive one. Simply ask to join, and you are in, enough said! Hopefully, the gallery will fill quickly with submissions that for one reason or whatever, just didn’t make the curator’s cut at your MySpace space, or the repository of choice for your fine photographic treasures. Please know that all art submitted for inclusion will be open to comment by the other members, unscreened, which means if you are a little touchy-feely when it comes to criticism, be it constructive, good natured or not, best remain a voyeur, and really, that’s just fine. I plan to organise gallery theme showings, and the first will be; “Bicycles Chained to A Pole.” More about this exciting happening later, which you will find in the MoCA newsletter and subsequent blog postings.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to the pleasure of your patronage in MoCA. For crappy arts sake, I remain faithfully,

~ anemi easy, Interim Curator



The Museum of Crappy Art ~

Museum/Members Address: http://www.myspace.com/mofca

Email to: moca@mail.org