That’s “Not Bad,” in Italian, and the only line in this 2:00 minute “commercial” from Shell and Ferrari. Formula-1 racing is the most watched sport in the world, and easily the most expensive. It costs between one-half to a billion US a year to operate one of these babies, and Ferrari blows everybody away with a 23% win record. This film is nothing short of awesome, celebrating Ferrari’s 60th birthday and long association with Shell. Turn up the speakers, and check the windows to be sure they are double-pane! Cost to produce this in multiple world locations was reported to be just shy of $4 million, which actually is no big deal at, where are we today, $4.00/gallon? Hey, if you have to ask…

Ferarri – “Shell Documercial

ENZO ANSELMO FERRARI built the first Ferrari road car, the 1947 125 S 60 years ago. Ferrari’s sole motivation for the endeavor was his passion for racing and he never intended his creation to become a mere accessory to the rich.

In fact, Ferrari was reported to have developed revulsion to wealthy patrons who bought his cars because of the prestige attached to these and not because of their performance. Another noteworthy fact about the history of the Ferrari is its successful technical partnership with Shell. Shell provides the fuels and lubricants that powered the first Ferarris in the 1940s. Counting the years 1974 to 1995 as an exception, the relationship continued until today and was hailed as one of the most successful technical partnership in the history of motorsport.

This enduring collaboration was celebrated in the new Shell commercial entitled Circuit featuring the metamorphosis of the Ferrari car through the years as it roared into the different streets of the world. First we see a blood-red 1952 Ferrari F500 speeding down a tree-lined road in Italy. After the car took a sharp right hander, the car changed into a 1967 Ferrari 312 and so were its surrounding, which has now become New York City, USA.

Careening to the left, the car was transformed into a 1970 Ferrari F213B cruising through the streets of Hong Kong. A few more blurs and the car was changed into a 1997 Ferrari F310B creating a stir among bathers at Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After emerging from a tunnel, the Principality of Monaco now looms in sight with the car now turned into a 2003 Ferrari. Finally, back in Italy, the car is transformed into a 2006 F1 Ferrari—pulling up to a gas station where a surprise attendant refuels it with a Shell-V power.

Except for the one liner “Not bad,” blurted out in Italian by the gas station attendant, the 60-second commercial is devoid of dialogues. Instead of words, the creators opted to use the distinct roar of the Ferrari engines and stunning visuals to capture the essence of the car and the fuel that runs it.

The new Shell-Ferrari TVC continues to receive accolades from around the world and has become a favorite post on many video-sharing websites. In addition to the recognizable red blur, one element that will surely be remembered from the Circuit commercial is the mighty roar of the Ferrari engine which epitomizes the passion and exhilaration associated with motor sports.

Recognizing Shell’s contribution to Ferrari’s success on and off the race track through the years, Enzo Ferrari beamed, “ The people at Shell are always aware of the great importance of the experience gained in motor racing, and that is why the company continues to achieve such exceptional results.”


$40 Billion Adult “Sandbox” Ferrari Theme Park, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia. A ten-lane freeway will connect the island, about one-third the size of Abu Dhabi. Completion of the Ferrari Park is scheduled for 2009.

Ferrari does not advertise, nor is there need, but their marketing people are savvy in leveraging exposure around the globe.

Aldar to build Ferrari Theme Park on YAS Island: ALDAR Properties, Abu Dhabi’s leading integrated real estate development company, has announced to sign an exclusive contract with Ferrari to construct the Ferrari Theme Park on ALDAR’s YAS Island project. Built around the legendary Italian auto company and featuring an interesting mixture of attractions, the theme park will consist of family rides, driving school and virtual simulations as well as retail merchandising for people who wish to truly live Ferrari.

Ronald Barrott, CEO, ALDAR, said, “This relationship will allow ALDAR to create an exciting destination within Abu Dhabi that offers something for the entire family and underlines the already strong relationship between the Ferrari brand and ALDAR. Abu Dhabi is a fast growing market and Formula 1 is integral to its commercial growth. ALDAR has shown a firm commitment to Formula 1 with the ongoing development of Yas Island, but the partnership with Ferrari profoundly deepens our involvement and widens the profile and reach of the company”.

The development will provide leisure and entertainment for the whole family with a racetrack, numerous rides and attractions, an opportunity to allow visitors to experience the story and history of Ferrari, to participate in Ferrari motoring activities, and to experience the Ferrari brand through virtual simulations. A component of the racetrack is integrated with the Ferrari Theme Park for the Ferrari Driving School experience. ALDAR creates world-class real estate developments in Abu Dhabi, while providing a stable and profitable investment portfolio for its investors.