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“First she loses Tinkerbell, then she ditches her for a cuter dog, then replaces that dog with a ferret, then a kinkajou monkey and then, I gather, a goat,” said in a statement quoted from the publisher of Hollywood Dog magazine. How much would you take if you were Tinkerbell? This is not normal for a Chihuahua.




QUESTION: What will be the outcome of Paris Hilton’s stint in jail?

Paris will announce that jail is – Hot +500
She’ll have her sentence extended for bad behavior +5000
Paris will fall in love with a fellow inmate +1500

She’ll come out with a -One Night in Jail-sex tape +2000
Paris will publish a Jailhouse workout video +500
She’ll try to sneak Tinkerbell into jail +2000
Paris Hilton will be caught attempting to scape +400
Paris Hilton will manage sucessfull scape +30000


QUESTION: What is in store for Paris Hilton before Dec 31st 2007?


She’ll be charged with driving drunk again +200
Paris will be caught with a controlled substance +300
She wil become a brain surgeon +20000


Paris Hilton Obituary Writing Contest:

Keep The Kids Busy (Actually, a pretty good idea!)

May 10th – Due to the overwhelming number of applicants we have decided to extend our submission deadline to the end of the month.

Capla Kesting Fine Art invites all students from ages thirteen to eighteen to compete for prizes, to be announced, by composing an obituary for Paris Hilton, based on the “Paris Hilton Autopsy” created by artist Daniel Edwards. The obituary shouldn’t exceed 300 words and must be submitted by May 30, 2007. Winners will be posted June 7, 2007.

Final entries selected from three age groups, which include, 13 –14, 15 – 16, 17 – 18, will be evaluated by a simple rubric that assesses the composition by command of topic, development, organization, and creativity.

Capla Kesting wishes good luck to all of the contestants. Happy obituary writing!

We will start posting Paris Hilton Obituary contestent submissions later this week. Please email all obituaries for considerations here, thanks and good luck! Please note that all email sent to the gallery, obituary our otherwise is property of CKFA and will be used at our discression in any way we see fit.

Daniel Edwards – Paris Hilton Autopsy
May 12 – 30

A) Clay model of the Paris Hilton Autopsy by Daniel Edwards in pre-autopsy form with “Tinkerbell.” Life Size, 2007

“Paris herself would probably take one look at the installation and draw, “Dude, I look great. DUI death is hot.”” – The New Yorker Magazine – The Fug Girls