I’ll Take Mine Well-Branded…

Hello, Madison Avenue? I’d actually watch commercials if you creators realized your 30 seconds is 28 more than my attention span. The “five W’s” just don’t belong in interactive commercials anymore, or print, for that matter. All I want is entertainment, and you know? It’s OK to brand it. What I mean is, if I like the ad spot well enough to watch, I’d like to think I’m resourceful enough to find the product being pitched. Take the two ads here, both have to be tough products to push; ceiling tiles and more clothes. I do not need either one at the moment, and I’ve yet to see a commercial where I just drop dead had to have the product yesterday, but an ad created as a future mental reference works for me. Even us industry outsiders know what’s happening to newspapers, and relatively speaking, it’s not a slow death. 70% of us are on broadband, and short of better technology, there will be no decline. I can’t believe you’re missing my cell phone, and it’s already happening in Japan and South Korea. Sure, I can flip the phone closed in two seconds or less, just like hitting my Tivo, but with a little fun, I’ll burn up my anytime minutes, and if good enough, I’ll beam it to my contacts, and better, I might just buy something, then, best of all, you might make a buck. Hey, showbiz!

JBC, Women’s Apparel, Belgium

Sherma/Ha Huang Ceiling Tiles, Thailand