(L>R) Zara, Princess Anne “Mum” & Zara, Royal Family en route to Charles & Camilla’s Civil Affair, Cavalli never looked better. Click all to enlarge.

Hardly anemic. (This assignment was lifted from Anemi’s desk, sorry, bro, had to have it!)

Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips was born on May 15, 1981, at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. The second child of the Princess Royal, she got her unusual first name from her uncle, Prince Charles. “The baby made a rather sudden and positive arrival,” recalled Princess Anne,” and my brother thought Zara (Greek, meaning ‘bright as dawn’) was an appropriate name.” Not all in Windsor House were amused with the beauty’s non-Christian name, then causing quite a ‘sticky wicket.’

Grandmother Queen Elizabeth is listed in the Guinness Book Of Records for having the second most royal titles in the world (only Spanish aristocrat the Duchess of Alba has more). Zara, the eldest grand-daughter and brother Peter do not hold titles. Seems Princess Anne was adamant her two children remain without, believing life would be hard enough for grandchildren of a monarch.

Zara, for the most, keeps out of the neon, but has had her share of tabloid tattle including an incident where at age 19, she swerved her Land Rover into a ditch on a fog-heavy road. The SUV flipped, and fortunately Zara suffered only minor cuts. Subsequent breathalyzer tests came up negative. More ammo was volleyed when topless pictures of her allegedly surfaced, although no magazine published them, so they say. Zara and cousin Prince William are tight, and only a year apart in age. Makes sense, both are adventurous yet attentively reserved.

Zara raised regal brows with her appearance in the above ad for Land Rover, and is the first Royal in the direct line to the Throne (the 11th) to appear in a commercial advertisement. She poses in surroundings the unfamiliar may mistake for Buckingham Palace, wearing a Roberto Cavalli spattered in mud – clever. This photograph was shot in mid-November, 2006 by Mary McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul, at Winston Churchill’s former home, the Templeton Estate in Roehampton, Surrey. Zara receives no money from the civil list and performs no official duties, hence is free of Royal blessing to pursue commercial success.

Many cite the Rover affiliation as Zara’s first commercial endorsement, however, she did some work for Cantor Index in 2003. This biz spin-off started in 2000 and specializes in spread bets in world financial markets, very high risk stuff, not for the cardiac challenged.

Hey, if Dennis Kucinich (OH Rep.) is serious about impeaching Dick Cheney, I’d suggest arranging an “opt-in” with Cantor, or better ~ Zara Phillips!