Every “Dummy” remembers that famous line from the 1970’s sitcom Sanford and Son used by Fred G. Sanford a/k/a Redd Foxx, every time life presented a challenging, “cardiac” event. Beloved Anna Nicole Smith died February 8, 2007 and after a bunch of never to end ado, was finally buried March 2, 2007. Poor James Brown died this past Christmas Day, and he’s yet to push daisy roots.


So, you think it takes too long to bury the dead these days? I say, nah, and forget about those post-mortem wishes. Why? Well, see that lady at the top of the page? That’s Truganini a/k/a Lalla Rooke, and a bunch of other names, but that’s not important.

Lalla was born in 1812, it’s believed, and died May 8, 1876. Her place of birth was on Bruny Island which is just south of Hobart, Tasmania. Lalla did some pretty interesting stuff during the way back then Black War, but that’s not important either. And neither is it important that she was claimed to be the last surviving Tasmanian Aboriginal human being. (Choose a. if you favor Politically Incorrect, or, b. for Racial Profiling). Yawn.

After all, why dwell on the details and travails of living accomplishment? (As if just living isn’t hard enough) That’s boring, and oh so twentieth century. The “de rigueur” here and now “dahlings” is “rigor,” “mortus,” that is. Dead is happening. You see, what’s really important about the persona of Lalla was that she wasn’t buried until 1976 and 2002. It seems most of her was placed on display by the Royal Society of Tasmania until 1976, 100 years after death, until her last wishes to be cremated and strewn were respected. But, oops, her hair and skin were found in 2002 in a collection of The Royal College of Surgeons of England who rather sportingly spirited same back to Tasmania for disposition. Pip pip cheerio, carry on, and all that. What else you got in that collection? Bloody Hell!

James, old bean, “I Feel Good,” and “Get On Up!” You’ll forever be, “The Hardest Workin’ Man In Show Business.”

“Everybody Is Up To Something.” sm (OMG, a whole new meaning here?) 🙂