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(Pictured Above – Anna and Hugh, Anna in 1993 Playboy, Marilyn in 1953 Playboy, Anna’s Lakeview Grave, Marilyn’s Westwood Grave)

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Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Mortenson, beloved “Candle In The Wind,” died August 5, 1962 and is buried in Los Angeles, CA at Westwood Village Memorial Park. Hugh Hefner, 81, founded his famed “Playboy” empire by featuring photos of Marilyn in 1953, the first edition of the magazine.

“Hef” was so taken by Marilyn that following her death he purchased among the last remaining crypt sites in Westwood next to her for reportedly $85,000, stating that when his time was due, he wanted to be laid to rest next to his favorite “Sweetheart,” then the pet name for what we now know as “Playmates.” Some forty years later, Anna Nicole Smith, born Vickie Lynn Marshall, who, of course, joined the “Candle” this past February 8, shared notoriety with Marilyn as the Playboy Playmate in 1993.

Much has been speculated as to Anna Nicole’s wishes particularly with regard to her desired final resting place. Anna’s mother; Virgie Arthur and boyfriends Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead all commented and testified in court that Anna wanted to be buried in California next to Marilyn Monroe. Virgie added, “She wanted to be buried with the stars.” Howard said he researched the possibility of burial alongside Marilyn, but the cost was an issue. Howard agonizes over money in the most clever ways, doesn’t he?

Anyhow, regardless of court testimony, burying Anna next to Marilyn was never even a remote possibility because of no space, that is, unless Hugh Hefner were to yield his, or somebody move out.

Howard, let’s do lunch. I’d love to hear more about your “research” into this matter.


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