Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken

312 E Milam St
Mexia, TX 76667


Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken
I am an entrepenuer from MALAYSIA and I came to Texas 3 years ago for a business trip. I was so hungry on the second day I was there as I did not have anything to eat the other night. It was around 3pm when I saw Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken while walking around my hotel area. It’s location is very strategic, right in the heart of Houston, only 200feet from the Sherattan Cowboy Motel (cheap shack where I bunked in for a week)and only 20km southwest from Beyonce Knowle’s family farm. The moment I stepped in the diner, it might look like an average next-door kind of eatery. But once I flipped through the menu and smell the sweet aroma from the kitchen, I was hooked like Clinton and Lewinsky! I ordered the Spicy Curry Chicken Soup for starters and oh my, did that get my stomach burning for more! My main dish on that day was the Ice Cold Special which is basically deep fried spring chicken which is soaked into a bucket of ice cold Budweiser Beer and served with fries which are steamed and simmered with a lil’ pinch of Irish Coffee. That woke me up like a classic American nvasion of the Middle East. For my dessert, I had the ultimate diabetes inviting, lung cancer coated piece of cake ever in the history of ankind (Mick Foley). It is called the “Killing Machine” and I believe there isn’t a name more appropriate than that. Damn, that stuff really drove me nuts!!! After that day, I went and had my three meals a day at that simple but special diner for a week which will forever stay fresh in my mind, heart and in my soul! HIGHLY RECCOMENDED! God Bless Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken!!!!!!!! [15 Apr 2004 10:23:13]

Food: **** Service: * Ambiance: * Overall: *****
Recommended Dishes: Tango Chicky Loco, Fiery Flamed Chicken Ribs, Bush Atomic Chicken Attack Combo.

­John Bon-Bon Jovial

They do chicken right
A restaurant full of old people usually scares me off (they can’t taste anything anyway) but don’t let them run you away from Jim’s. Their chicken (and catfish) is Krispy with a capital ‘k’ because it isn’t greasy and heavy. And they serve respectable if uninspired sides, including (reconstituted) mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls (or were they biscuits?), cole slaw, potato salad, hush puppies, and fries. I can’t vouch for the drinks because we didn’t get any, but I did get a huge styrofoam container of food from their to-go window (Jim’s also has an enclosed dine-in area): two pieces of catfish, a mound of fries — not as Krispy as the catfish, unfortunately — two hush puppies, and coleslaw for under $5. That’s what we in San Francisco call some good cheap eats. [10 Jan 2004 17:33:22]

Food: *** Service: **** Ambiance: *** Overall: ***
Recommended Dishes: fried chicken, catfish



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